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At a young age, I began appreciating the art of fly fishing and I am dedicated to sharing my affection for angling with others. Currently, I am a university student who enjoys being active. I play hockey and lacrosse, love the outdoors and seek to grow my organization into a sustainable nonprofit to help advocate to breakdown mental health stigma.

Please watch my short presentation about myself and my mission to grow my grassroots organization dedicated to the outdoors and improve emotional well-being.

Why Fly Fish

Time Flies is a Fly Fishing organization dedicated to breaking down barriers for improved Wellness and Mental Health.

Growing Together

Waist Deep Fishing

Fishing is an activity that provides overall wellness satisfaction and peace of mind through the rhythmic action of casting the rod in the peaceful outdoors.

Dive Right In


Mental Health problems such as anxiety, depression and PTSD are common for people of all ages  and helping others learn that fishing can provide benefits (similar to yoga and meditation) is important to share with others.

Hands-On Learning


Time Flies serves to get people comfortable on the river and raise awareness to boost mental health



Time Flies serves to fulfill the 3 pronged mission:


Use fishing as a means to build personal confidence


Create a safe environment to learn and discuss mental health


Mentor and mold humanitarians - connecting students with first responders. Bridging relationships, breaking down barriers and improving mental health.

Time Flies supports the American Psychological Association commitment to advocacy for physical activity. Fly fishing has recently been considered a form of ecotherapy.

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About Our Fly Fishing Organization

Learning Has No Bounds

Founded with the mission to share awareness for mental health, Time Flies serves to help students connect to the outdoors and give back to our First Responders. Our organization seeks to help students acquire foundational fishing skills, build confidence on the waters, and recognize healthy mental health skills.

Time Flies is not only providing fly fishing opportunities and a safe environment to learn and discuss mental health, it also is building humanitarians. Building community connections with First Responders through fishing. Providing students shared learning about their professional and the prevalence of mental health. Hosting fishing outings with both students and First Responders builds community and more importantly breaks down barriers and 

This is a Fly Fishing organization founded in Northeast Ohio with the mission to help schools across the nation use fishing as a means to improve emotional and psychological well-being.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better
- Albert Einstein

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