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About Time Flies

Where People Come First

At a young age, I began appreciating the art of fly fishing and I am dedicated to sharing my affection for angling with others. Currently, I am a university student who enjoys being active. I play hockey and lacrosse, love the outdoors and seek to grow my organization into a sustainable nonprofit to help advocate to breakdown mental health stigma.


The physical and mental benefits of fishing is what got me hooked on assisting others, of all ages, learn to fish. I began volunteering fishing with disable veterans when I was in middle school witnessing first-hand the powerful benefits fishing has with mental health. Giving back to this unique population, who is often forgotten about, has been a learning experience for me and I want to continue giving back to others.


My organization is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health of teens and First Responders. So many people suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health problems. Although, fishing may not be the cure it most certainly is positive activity that has the ability to help people cope with mental health. I want to teach my peers that taking care of their mental health is just as important as taking care of their own bodies. I want more youth to use fishing as an outlet to enhance relaxation and coping with mental health.


Fly fishing has numerous health benefits, similar to yoga and other activities. It is my hope that I will expand and offer fly fishing and mental health education to First Responders in our community. 

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